Marcia Babler - Chicago artist

Solo Exhibit - Creation

Artist Statement

A blank canvas, an empty sheet of paper...
How does one begin?
How does one know when one is done?
Both the joy and the challenge of being an artist...

This collection of work celebrates the process of creation.
From the very beginning, the seven days of creation showed that it was good from the sky to water to man and woman.
From chaos and nothing becomes beauty and order.
From the hard labor of one's hand, beautiful and miraculous things emerge.

The project started with an idea to focus on hands - the human symbol of creation. Unknown people in a park were willing to have a stranger capture the image of their hands. Some ashamed, feeling their hands were scarred from work; others eagerly willing to show-off hands recently manicured. In The Carpenter, working hands have their own special beauty and that is where the idea evolved into a collection of work celebrating Creation.

Hopefully you see both the beauty and struggle of creation in this collection. My passion is art and there is nothing I love more than the challenge of that blank sheet of paper...

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